Round 2 Doubles and Singles Knockouts

Doubles K/O Second Round   

Weds 8th February – best of three  

8-15 start  8-30 scratch

1.Clothiers:- C Taylor & A Williams  v  R Taylor  &  B Sykes

2.Hall Bower:- I Pulford & A Marsden  v  R Lodge & B Nettleton

3.Bay Horse :- K Thompson & C Crossland  v  N Roebuck & D Allsebrook

4.Royal Oak:- D Reilly & T Lockwood  v  R Wright  & C Keogh.

Singles K/O second round

Weds 15th February – best of three.

1.Hall Bower:- J Lane  v  T Dixon

2.Grove:- D Crossland  v  B Sykes  winner to play C Taylor

3.Clothiers:-L Rice  v  R Haigh

4,Elephant:- L Campbell  v  D Sykes  winner to play S Hudson

5.F’ing Ferret:- B Nettleton  v  N Roebuck

6.Thongsbridge:- D Reilly  v  D Day  winner to play S Taylor

7.Bay Horse:- R Taylor  v  C Crossland

8.Cricketers:- K Thompson  v  D Heywood

One thought on “Round 2 Doubles and Singles Knockouts

  1. Second round doubles results:-
    R Lodge & B Nettleton
    N Roebuck & D Allesbrook
    D Reilly & T Lockwood
    R Taylor & B Sykes

    Thank you all for prompt notifications