Singles Knockouts

Below are the names of the automatic entrants.  Anyone else wanting to enter need to e-mail their name and team name to before the meeting on Wednesday 13 January.  Alternatively bring the name to the meeting.  Additional entrants will pay 2.50 per player.

Should any of the names listed be incorrect this also needs to be advised by e-mail as above or at the meeting as the draw will take place on Wednesday 13 January.

Team Name
Allied R Woodworth
Allied M Hellawell
Bay Horse Kevin Carter
Bay Horse Allan Davidson
Beaumont Arms A A Haigh
Beaumont Arms A A Abbott
Beaumont Arms B J Reilly
Beaumont Arms B D Barker
Cricketers Peter Sykes
Cricketers Wayne Johnson
Clothiers B Sykes
Clothiers P Lindley
Elephant P Halstead
Elephant B Halstead
Foresters J Marsten
Foresters C Armitage
Grove A Rammell
Grove K Horn
Hall Bower A Peter Jennett
Hall Bower A Robert Tice
Hall Bower B Richard Lodge
Hall Bower B David Millington
Hepworth A C Battye
Hepworth A T Dixon
Hepworth B Billy Bland
Hepworth B Roger Hallsworth
Honley Liberal  Chris Keogh Jnr
Honley Liberal  Mat Brook
Honley Socialist N Lee
Honley Socialist M Battye-Wood
Jackson Bridge J Lindley 
Jackson Bridge D Jessop
Scholes Club C Crossland
Scholes Club K Thompson
Shoulder of Mutton Ian Pulford
Shoulder of Mutton Neil Jeffries
Thongsbridge D Hollingworth
Thongsbridge A Battye
Underbank A R Hall (max)
Underbank A R Clayton
Underbank B D Mawhinney
Underbank B R Kellett
Victoria  C Brook
Victoria  M Poulain
Victoria Park D Tindall
Victoria Park A Matthews
Waggon & Horse M Hellewell
Waggon & Horse G Brown
White Hart A Richard Booth
White Hart A Tom Lockwood
White Hart B M Parker
White Hart B J Luke
White Horse G Peace
White Horse R Haigh

12 thoughts on “Singles Knockouts

  1. KO results from 27th Jan.
    M. Whiteley won 2-0 against B. Halstead at the Clothiers.
    C. Taylor won 2-1 against P. Broadbent at Thongsbridge.
    R. Lodge goes through against C. Keogh jnr. who failed to turn up.

  2. P.Jennett goes through against K. Horn who failed to turn up.
    M. Rollinson lost to R. Hall at Honley Libs.
    R. Tice goes through against A. Battye at Foresters.
    D. Millington goes through against A. Davidson at Hepworth.
    S. Hinchliffe was unable to attend at the Wagon so K. Thompson goes through.

  3. To all players… must play your fixture at the venue you were dreawn at.You cannot change the venue and play somewhere else just because it suits you.Anybody wishing to rearrange a match must inform the secretary before doing so.

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  5. SINGLES K/O 3rd ROUND WEDS10th MARCH 2010 8-15 start 8-30 scratch time.
    1.Elephant:- J TYAS V R CLAYTON
    2.Bay Horse:- D REILLY V P JENNET
    3.Scholes:- J SHARPE V K THOMPSON
    4.White Hart:-P LINDLEY V R TICE
    5.Honley Libs:-D CROSSLAND V D LONGLEY
    6.Hall Bower:- M BROOK V P HALSTEAD
    7.White Horse:- K CARTER V D ARMITAGE
    8.Clothiers:- C CROSSLAND V M MAUD
    N.B. All fixtures MUST be played at the venues as drawn.

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