Doubles Knockout Fixtures

Doubles K/O First Round Thurs 3rd Nov   8-15 start 8-30 scratch   best of three. Each fixture plays down to one winner.results in asap please.

1) Royal Oak:- M Brook & C Brook v N Roebuck & R Jillot winners play R Lodge & B Nettleton.
2)Honley Libs:- C Warhurst & M Wood  v  C Crossland & K Thompson  winners play P Sykes & S Hudson
3) Clothiers:- B Sykes & R Taylor v L Campbell & D Hollingworth winners play B Wood & C Shaw
4)Elephant:-R Wright & C Keogh v M Gabanski & R Whitehead winners v J Hinchliffe & S Hinchliffe
5)Marsden Legion:- M Clough & M Wright v B Dransfield & P Eady  winners play J Lane & T Ashton
6)Underbank:-C Taylor & A Williams v  A Hurst & A Gabanski  winners play BYE
7)Flying Ferret:- J Robinson & D Tindall v J Lindley & P Lindley  winners play M Rollinson & D Heywood
8)Vic Park:- D Short & E Greaves v R Hall & R Clayton winners play A Ferguson & M Bottom

Times of fixtures may be rearranged but not venues.The Draw took place at the Elephant & Castle.Names and Venues are selected completely at random.

Second round Thurs 10th Nov 8-15 start 8-30 scratch

1)Wagon:-  5  v  2   
2)Thongsbridge:- 1  v  6
3)Foresters :- 7  v  8
4)Shoulder:-  3  v  4

Semi-Final Round  Thurs 17th Nov   8-15 start 8-30 scratch. Best of Five.

1)Flying ferret:- 1  v  3
2)Underbank:-  2  v  4

6 thoughts on “Doubles Knockout Fixtures

  1. winning reults so far:-
    M Clough & M Wright
    C Crossland & K Thompson
    J Robinson & D Tindall
    D Sykes & D Crossland
    R Lodge & B Nettleton

    all through to the next round

  2. Dobles Final
    Weds 23rd Nov. Flying Ferret Best of 9
    M Clough & M Wright v R Lodge & B Nettleton
    Supporters-Spectators welcome