Dates Summer 15


Meetings: At Thongsbridge Bowling Club 

  1. Weds 24th June
  2. Weds 28th July
  3. Weds 26th August
  4. Weds 23rd Sept – Signing On Night

Singles K/O: 

  1. Weds 8th July
  2. Weds 22nd July
  3. Weds 12th August
  4. Weds 9th September

Doubles K/O:

  1. Weds 18th August
  2. Weds 2nd September
  3. Weds 23rd  September
  4. Weds 7th October

Team K/O:

  1. Thurs 25th June
  2. Thurs 6th August
  3. Thurs 3rd September
  4. Thurs 24th September

Presentation Night: Thursday 9th July at Honley Social Club

One thought on “Dates Summer 15

  1. posting on the website 22/6/15, a list of meetings including 1 just 2 days later! Do the organisers of this league think that its members have nothing better to do than monitor the website? Have telephones become obsolete? Has common courtesy become obsolete? Why do teams pay fees which include an amount for fixture books etc when 3 games after the season starts they are still not circulated? Posted on the same date are fixtures for Thursday 25th June Team Knockout matches…. how can anybody expect to be able to arrange a full team around life, family and work commitments when previous postings didnt even note the date as a KO week, it was just blank!! Somebody has to say these things and as such question the organisers of the league accordingly. Why do so many people openly complain about the attitude of the Secretary during discussions at matches but yet he still continues to constantly amaze us all with disorganised fixture lists, inadequate postings of league tables and general disorganisation, and all of this put across with the worst dogmatic attitude this writer has experienced. Lets either get it sorted, change who is sorting it or set up a new league without the attitude!!!