Singles Knockout Fixtures

Holme Valley Pool League

Singles Knockout winter 2011

First Round Weds 11th Jan. Best of 3, scratch time 8.30pm. Winners to inform Secretary ASAP. K/O’s can be re-arranged but must be played before the set date. Venues cannot be re-arranged.

  1. White hart                        2.  Bay Horse

N Roebuck  V  T Goode     D Johnstone  V   K Thompson           

R Booth  V  M Hellewell     R Hall      V  J Lindley

Winners play off.                           Winners play off.

3. Elephant                                         4. Cricketers

D Sykes  V   R Tice                           M Walsh      V  D Reilly

D Coulmon V  A Bridgeman         T Lockwood V  M Poulain                  

Winners play off.                                    Winners play off.

5. Thongsbridge                                     6.Foresters

C Brook  V   M Brook                        R Haigh  V    P Lindley

L Campbell V B Dransfield               D Ibberson  V   C Campbell

Winners play off.                                         Winners play off.

7. Hall Bower                      8.  Honley Libs

A Williams V C Keogh      I Pulford   V    A Battye

M Bottom V   B Nettleton   R Japes  V   C Crossland                

Winners play off.                              Winners play off.

9. Vic Park                                           10. Wagon

A Taylor V M Maude                M Rollinson V  D Harris

J Lane   V    S Hincliffe                C Cronic   V     T Dixon        

 Winners play off.                           Winners play off. 

11. Red Lion                                     12. Clothiers

A Marriot  V   D Armitage        J Morrison V R Ferguson

P Heady   V     D Crossland          R Taylor V B Dinning

Winners play off.                                 Winners play off.

13.Royal Oak                                  14.Shoulder

A Coldwell V T Dawson        R Lodge V  R Kellet

J Moore V D Allesbrook     J Marston V  B Sykes                      

Winners play off                            Winners play off

15. Grove                                              16.Flying ferret   

R Wright   V        D Day            R Clayton    V   N Jeffries

P Jennett  V       D Jessop        L Rice    V     M Hardy

Winners  play off.                   Winners Play Off.

Byes to next round  are  S Hudson,C Taylor,D Heywood and S Taylor.

Fixtures for second round will be drawn after the meeting on 18th jan.

4 thoughts on “Singles Knockout Fixtures

  1. lol
    Thats a bit pointless isnt it?
    Putting the 1st round draw online 3 days after its been played…..

  2. Mat, ‘lol’?…what’s funny?
    There may well have been a genuine reason for the delay in publishing the draw for the first round on here…’better late than never’? I assume that you did turn up to your match.
    I am not the Administrator of this site and so i ensured that you were afforded the usual courtesy of a personal e-mail informing you of the draw, prior to it actually taking place.
    Whilst nobody actually expects you to have the grace to thank anybody for this,i would rather have hoped that after the last incident of your thoughtless comments on here with regard to a previous knockout,you would perhaps either volunteer to take over the management/running of the league-or keep your gob shut…..but perhaps thats too much to hope for.(pointless?)
    I welcome comments,input,feedback etc,from everybody.I trust that you do too.

  3. WOW,
    You do welcome comments, input and feedback don’t you..

    Just stating the obvious that everybody was thinking.

  4. I certainly do welcome comments,input and feedback.
    On what exactly, are you basing the comment “just stating the obvious that everybody was thinking”? How do you know what everybody was thinking?(have you a hidden talent for this?)
    Is it not so that stating the obvious is an unnecessary action in itself? and is therefore rather pointless? If,what i assume to be your conjecture is accurate,I expect that you will be willing to put yourself forward to serve on the committee at the next AGM.I will be more than willing to act as your proposer or seconder.I,and possibly many others, have always thought that perhaps what the Holme valley Pool League really needs is for people such as yourself with the mental capacity and undoubtedly unerring grasp of a situation,to step forward and take a turn at the helm.