Registered Players for the Summer 2012 Season

The following are the registered names from Registration Sheets.  Any new players should be starred on the card when they play or the card will be deemed incorrect and incur a fine of £5.  For those teams that have not provided a registration sheet I need the names by e-mail by return to  Additionally if any names have incorrect spelling this needs to be advised or could result in errors on trophies

Bay Horse A
Bay Horse B
Beaumont Arms B
T Goode
C Semen
D Johnstone
D Smith
M Whitehead
J Reilly
D Barker
P Morris
R Taylor
B Sykes
P Lindley
J Lindley
L Carter
K Carter
Cricketers A
Cricketers B
G James
S Land
E Black
S Hudson
C Kelly
Elephant B
Matthew Sykes
Lee Turner
Roger Yule
Kevin Dyson
Nick Bass-Woodcock
Paul Ascough
Phil Yule
Flyin Ferret
C Gee
L Meehas
J Sykes
T England
M Meehas
C Barrow
Hall Bower A
Hall Bower B
N Roebuck
D Allsebrook
R Lodge
R Jillott
T Sayles
B Nettleton
D Millington
S Herbert
W Nettleton
J Palmer
Hepworth A
T Dixon
C Campbe;ll
M Dixon
P Dixon
S Dixon
P Searby
C Battye
K Moore
J Hall
M France
Honley Libs A
M Brook
Chris Keogh Jnr
N Lee
G Bateman
M Coulman
A Hunter
C Brook
M Clough
Honley Libs B
B Hinchcliffe
D Brook
D Harris
M Booth
T Egan
A Farral
S Nunn
J Hinchliffe
R Walker
Marsden Social
David Crosbie
Lee Blagbrough
Adam Kewley
David Sewell
Ben Leinasars
Chris Kistell
Richard Mozley
Stuart Greenhalgh
Wayne Reade
Paul Ditchfield
Red Lion was White Horse
Royal Oak
C Brook
M Poulain
R Whitehead
T Brook
R Parr
D Howard
A Marsden
J Howard
Shoulder of Mutton
Swan Marsden
L Mottram
S Maynard
D Brook
R Dyson
K Grigham
J Withers
Thongsbridge Bowling Club A
C Hatch
L Campbell
A Battye
S Jones
S Taylor
Adam Sykes
Thongsbridge B
J Lane
A Coldwell
R Crowther
C Warhurst
R Wood
Clyde Darson
Underbank A
R Hall (max)
R Clayton
E Greaves
D Mawhinney jnr
K Bywater
R Wright
D Short
D Mawhinney snr
J Lea
Underbank B
R Kellett
Darron Mawhinney
A Taylor
A Booth
R Mawhinney
J Mawhinney
S Kellett
Victoria Park A Meltham
D Tindall
J Robinson
J Hill
L Lowther
D Legg
B Dransfield
Victoria Park  B
S Taylor
P Heady
S Hoare
T Robinson
J Crowther
T Amby
D Worrall
G Shaw
J Pedelty
Waggon & Horses A
R Japes
M Hellewell
D Ibberson
M Cox
D Bray
D Casper
C Plaartsman
K Patterson
Waggon & Horses B
B England
R Ferguson
A Kewley
Paul Trayte
Ryan Brook
Tyler Brook
Paul Brook
C Green

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