Team Books and bills for the Summer 14 Season

Team booklets have been delivered to venues.

Some teams will have their books delivered to the venue they are due to play at on the 29th so please ask the captain for your envelopes.

Each envelope contains 6 booklets (which contain fixtures, rules, dates, contacts), the bill for the current season which is now due and a sheet to complete to attach with your payment.  Please send cheques and remittance details to the Treasurer ASAP alternatively you can pay the bill at the next meeting on the 11th June.

For those new teams please note you need to attend all meetings to prevent a fine of £5 and cards need to be completed neatly and received by the Treasurer by the Monday following the match.  You can send a picture copy of your card if you prefer to the Treasurer by the deadline and then hold onto the card until the next meeting if you wish to save on postage.  Again if the card is late a fine of £5 is imposed.

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