Doubles Knockout Fixtures Round 1 Wednesday 11th March

Winter 2014 Doubles Knockout Fixtures

Captains to ensure all their players know where they are playing please

First round Weds 11th March    8-15 start 8-30 Scratch   All players to be present by 8-30
Best of Three

1) Honley Libs :- E Carr + N Bass Woodcock  V  M Brook + C Keogh jnr  Winners play  D Crossland + D Sykes

2)Vic Park:- C Crossland + K Thompson  V  S Wetherby + J Reilly   Winners play  J Armitage + D Armitage

3)Monkey Club:- G Shaw + L Hooper  V  A Williams + R Tice

4)Elephant:- J Lane + M Gabanski  V  C Taylor + W Pickard

5)Wagon:- M Rollinson + D Heywood  V  J Lindley + P Lindley

6)Royal Oak:-C Brook + D Howard  V  T Dixon + J Burton

7)Honley Soc:-N Roebuck + R Lodge  V  D Tindall + P Heady

8)Thongsbridge:-R Whitehead + J Howard  V  R Taylor + B Sykes

SECOND ROUND WEDS 1st APRIL….. BEST OF THREE….8-15 start 8-30 scratch

1) Monkey Club  3  V  7

2)Honley Libs  1  V  6

3)Royal Oak  4  V  8

4)Thongsbridge 5  V  2

THIRD ROUND WEDS 15th APRIL   BEST OF FIVE   8-15 start 8-30 scratch

1) Vic Park  3  V  4

2) Monkey Club 2  V  1

Final to be arranged……….

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