Doubles fixtures Round 1 Wednesday 2nd September

First Round Weds 2nd Sept best of Three 8-15 start 8-30 scratch. Results to the secretary within 24hrs please.

1)Beaumonts:- J Anderson & G Haynes  V  P Lindley & J Lindley
2)Shoulder:-  D Crossland & D Sykes  V  I Pulford & A Marsden
3)Royal Oak:-  R Taylor & B Sykes  V  M Rollinson & D Haywood
4)Honley Soc:- J Howard & D Howard  V  M Brook & R Haigh
5)Hall Bower:- M Clough & C Keogh(jnr)  V  A Williams & R Tice
6)Honley Libs:- C Taylor & W Pickard  V  M Hellawell & D Cartwright
7)White Hart:- A Wilkinson & S Peters  V  K Thompson & C Crossland
8)Monkey Club:- S Wetherby & J Riley  V  W Nettleton & R Lodge

Second Round Weds 23rd Sept best of Three 8-15 start 8-30 scratch

1)Hall Bower   2  V  7
2)Monkey Club  1  V  8
3)Beaumonts  4  V  6
4)White Hart  3  V  5

Semi- Finals Weds 7th Oct Best of Five 8-15 start 8-30 scratch

1) Honley Libs    1  V  4
2) Honley Soc    3   V  2

The draw was held tonight at hall Bower Club and was presided over by P Jennett and A Williams.

3 thoughts on “Doubles fixtures Round 1 Wednesday 2nd September

  1. Disappointing to turn out tonight and have no opposition, even more so when you find out your opposition not only didn’t enter the competition, but they can’t enter as they work evenings.

  2. Any ideas on when the league stats will be updated? Poor updates so far this season and very frustrating not to be able to see where the teams are week after week.