singles and singles and doubles entries

Singles & Doubles Knockouts Winter 22/23.
Entries invited now please – Entries to be submitted either by email to or by facebook message – no telephone entries of any sort will be accepted.
Entry fees are £4 per player(same as last season) – this can be added to your team account and paid at signing on night.
Deadline for entries is Monday 30th January – NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED.
Singles dates are all on wednesdays…..Weds 8th Feb , Weds 15th Feb, Weds 22nd Feb & Weds 1st March.
Doubles dates are all on Thursdays…..Thurs 16th Feb, Thurs 23rd Feb,Thurs 30th Feb & Thurs 6th April. Doubles partnerships may consist of players from different teams. Doubles partnerships can not be changed once the draw has been made.
The early rounds are a BEST of THREE format (everybody has a chance!)
Rearrangements are allowed but must take place before the next round and must be with the full agreement of both parties. There is no obligation to rearrange.
The venues will be decided on the basis of whether there are players entered from that venue.- ie if nobody from your team enters then your venue will most likely not be considered. Venues for finals are decided by mutual agreement.

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