Singles Knockouts -first round 27th January





A.Haigh    V   J.Sharp

J.Lee   V   D.Jessop

Bay Horse

D.Crossland   V   C.Armitage

M.Poulain   V   A.Matthews

Beaumont Arms

R.Woodworth   V   T.Craggs

A.Abbott   V   D.Barker


P.Lindley   V   P.Sykes

B.Halstead   V   M.Whiteley


M.Maud   V   B.Bland

D.Hanson  V  M.Helliwell (W)


R.Lodge   V   C.Keogh (Jnr)

R.Hallsworth   V   D.Sykes


R.Tice   V   A.Battye

G.Brown   V   R.Booth

Hall Bower

P.Jennett   V   K.Horn

K.Carter   V   M.Hellewell (A)

Honley Libs

P.Halstead   V   J.Marsten

M.Rollinson   V   R.Hall (Max)

Honley Soc

C.Crossland   V   B.Sykes

J.Reilly   V   J.Hewitson


E.Carr   V   R.Haigh

M.Peace   V   W.Johnson


M.Dixon   V   I.Pulford

D.Hollingworth   V  R.Clayton


A.Rammell   V   R.Davidson

P.Broadbent   V   C.Taylor


T.Lockwood   V   T.Dixon

C.Battye   V   N.Jeffries

Victoria Park

C.Brook   V   D.Mawhinney

D.Tindall   V   D.Reilly

Wagon & Horses

S.Hinchcliffe   V  K.Thompson

L.Heavens   V   R.Kellet

White Hart

G.Peace   V   M.Battye-Wood

J.Lindley   V   J.Tyas

White Horse

M.Brook   V   D.Barrow

N.Lee   V   D.Armitage


D.Longley   V   D.Craggs

A.Davidson   V   D.Millington

M.Wright V R.Wright


1st Round Weds 27th Jan, Best of 3, 8.30pm Scratch. Results to the Secretary by phone or email within 48 hours. Draw for the second round will be made as soon as all results are in.

N.B All players to be present by 8.30pm. Match is best of 3. Winners do not play off. Results must be in by phone or email within 48 hours please to ensure entry into Second Round. Draw for Second Round will take place when results are in.

11 thoughts on “Singles Knockouts -first round 27th January

  1. T Dixon beat T Lockwood 2-0. Game played a day earlier due lack of availability on scheduled night.

  2. I have been notified of these winners:-
    Allied- J Sharp + D Jessop
    Bay Horse- D Crossland
    Beaumonts-T Craggs + ?
    Clothiers-P Lindley + ?
    Cricketers-M Maud + M Helliwell(wagon)
    Elephant -? + ?
    Foresters- R Tice + R Booth
    Hall Bower – P Jennet + ?
    Honley Libs ? + ?
    Honley Soc- C Crossland + J Reilly
    Scholes- R Haigh
    Shoulder-I Pulford + R Clayton
    Thongsbridge-C Taylor
    Victoria ? + ?
    Victoria Park- D Reilly
    Wagon + Horses ? + ?
    White Hart- G Peace + J Tyas
    White Horse- M Brook + D Armitage
    Hepworth-D Millington + ? + ?
    Please note- the draw for the second round will be held as soon as possible after all the results are in.If you do not send results in then you are not bound to be included in the draw.

  3. More singles resuts…………………..
    Honley libs-P Halstead + R Hall
    Elephant -D Sykes
    Wagon+horses- K Thompson
    Clothiers P Lindley + M Whiteley

  4. To all players…you must play your fixtures at the venue you are drawn at.You cannot just decide to play at another venue because it suits you.Anybody wishing to rearrange a match must inform the secretary before doing so.

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