URGENT – Admin error in the books Section One and Two

Please accept my apologies for the administrative error in the new books for the winter 16 season.

The numbering on the teams in Section One and Section Two is wrongly shown in the books.  The first column of names should read 1. to 5. and not 6. to 10.  Please can you all correct this in your own teams books.

For clarity numbering is:

Section One

1. Honley Libs

2. New Mill Club B

3. Beaumont arms

4. Royal Oak A

5. Bye

The second column 6. to 10 remain as is

Section Two

1. Grove

2. Wagon & Horses B

3. White Hart New Mill B

4. Underbank A

5. Bye

The second column 6. to 10. remain as is.

Again this is my fault.  The full fixture list on the website is accurate so hopefully this will not confuse too much

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