Team Knockout Semi Finals 27th April

Third Round – Thursday 30th March

1. Hall Bower A V Golden Fleece or Underbank B                3. Grove V Waggon A

2. Cricketers    V Elephant & Castle                                  4. Honley Libs V Royal Oak A

Semi Final – Thursday 27th April

1. Elephant                V      1                      2. Honley Libs    V      Grove

Winter 16 Updated Registered players

Beaumont Arms B
Tony Goode
Dave Smith
C Walker
B Butterworth
D Johnstone
L Blagborough
A Moorhouse
Z Bistucz
M Whitehead
Cricketers A
C Woodhead
M Thornton
R Woodworth
T Burton
P Sykes
G James
Elephant B
R Taylor
N Redfearn
B Walton
B Sykes
L Hardy
E Carr
J Lindley
A Battye
N Basswoodcock
B Walsh
Flying Ferret
P Fish
L Rice
K Nicolson
A Roddy
R Addy
S Nield
M Meahan
M Dearnley
R Holmes
Ben Smith
Forresters (ex Crossland moor)
Carl Moon
Daz Smith
Tony Smith
C Sugden
Chris Pritchard
Simon Brooke
S Goddard
D Luck
M Battye
M Haigh
L Mosley
Golden Fleece
A Rattigan
M Berry
Matt Hurd
Simon Herbert
A Obrien
C Obrien
S Taylor
Ben Elleison
I Alexis
D Neary
Vicki Robinson
S Miller
D Frost
Grove B was Crown
K Horn
D Dearden
D Day
P Dyson
A Radley
S Radley
N Hutton
A Birkenshaw
J Philips
Hall Bower A
W Nettleton
D Nettleton
B Nettleton
A Williams
C Taylor
M Gabanski
D Millington
R Heeley
R Goddard
D Rushworth
W Pickard
P Huame
R Taylor
Hall Bower B
S Hodgson
N Roebuck
T Sayles
J Palmer
M Rollinson
D Haywood
R Tice
R Wright
M Cooper
John Holmes
N Johnson
S Taylor
C Rollinson
Honley Libs A
M Brook
M Clough
Chris Keogh Jnr
N Lee
R Haigh
G Garside
C Brook
C Keogh snr
R Lodge
Honley Socialist
Jamie Marsh
D Whiteley
Andy Farrell
Steve Hirst
S Brook
Craig Smith
G Bateman
T Helliwell
J Thackery
C Sutton
Jackson Bridge WMC
M Hardy
K lightfoot
D Jessop
J M Lindley
S Bramall
J Lindley
R Barlow
M Bramall
Monkey Club
Gareth Shaw
L Hooper
N Oakes
D Oakes
N Siddall
S Brammall
M Oakes
N Townend
B Pace
Tom Holmes
Netherton Cons
Stuart Kingston
Tony McGrath
Fred Rochester
Adam Beaumont
Jonny Etchells
George Froudarakis
J Mallinson
K Mallinson
New Mill A
T Dixon
D Brook
J Burton
P Searby
K Moore
S Dixon
P Dixon
M Dixon
M France
New Mill Club B
S Gorse
S Peters
K R Booth
P Sullivan
A Pour
G Haynes
M Richards
A Wilkinson
T Lockwood
J Ellis
C Crooks
A Sykes
D Howes
K Sanders
A Stott
T Craggs
D Robinson
R Colquhoun
A Millian
G Lawton
Royal Oak A
C Brook
D Howard
J Poulain
R Parr
J Howard
A Marsden
R Whitehead
J Brook
M Poulain
P Storer
R Poulain
Royal Oak B
C Crossland
K Thompson
S Weatherby
D Sykes
D Crossland
T Dawson
S Sykes
I Booth
J Riley
J Hirst
G Stead
I Pulford
D Hobson
S Woods
A Marriott
M Kelly
M Blair
A Greenwood
P Shires
J Burkill
Stumble Inn
Luke Jordan
Val Smith
Nick Jackson
Rob Lindley
Luke Boothroyd
Joe McConnell
Jamie Howes
Paul Sykes
Dave Clough
Ian Wood
Martin Smith
Mark Green
R Shirtcliffe
A Power
P Stangroon
T Mconall
S Gardner
Underbank A
R Hall
P Halstead
R Clayton
J Lee
D Mawhinney
D M Short
J Lea
K Byewater
Underbank B
S Taylor
J Booth
A Taylor
R Mawhinney
R Kellett
D Mawhinney
J Mawhinney
S Kellett
Victoria Park A
J Ellis- Powwell
P Heady
D Tindall
S Taylor
H Hoare
G Cooper
S Daniels
A Hirst
J Pedalty
D Sykes
T Redfern
L Scott
N Whiteley
D Kaye
Victoria Park  B
P Milton
J Beaumont

Meeting and AGM Wednesday 22nd March

Please ensure you attend the AGM and meeting to avoid a fine and to support your committee

Any missing scores to be advised ASAP / at this meeting

All cards which have been mailed but not handed in should be brought to the meeting and handed to the Treasurer

All outstanding bills should be paid at this meeting.