Doubles Knockout Fixtures

Doubles K/O First Round Thurs 3rd Nov   8-15 start 8-30 scratch   best of three. Each fixture plays down to one winner.results in asap please.

1) Royal Oak:- M Brook & C Brook v N Roebuck & R Jillot winners play R Lodge & B Nettleton.
2)Honley Libs:- C Warhurst & M Wood  v  C Crossland & K Thompson  winners play P Sykes & S Hudson
3) Clothiers:- B Sykes & R Taylor v L Campbell & D Hollingworth winners play B Wood & C Shaw
4)Elephant:-R Wright & C Keogh v M Gabanski & R Whitehead winners v J Hinchliffe & S Hinchliffe
5)Marsden Legion:- M Clough & M Wright v B Dransfield & P Eady  winners play J Lane & T Ashton
6)Underbank:-C Taylor & A Williams v  A Hurst & A Gabanski  winners play BYE
7)Flying Ferret:- J Robinson & D Tindall v J Lindley & P Lindley  winners play M Rollinson & D Heywood
8)Vic Park:- D Short & E Greaves v R Hall & R Clayton winners play A Ferguson & M Bottom

Times of fixtures may be rearranged but not venues.The Draw took place at the Elephant & Castle.Names and Venues are selected completely at random.

Second round Thurs 10th Nov 8-15 start 8-30 scratch

1)Wagon:-  5  v  2   
2)Thongsbridge:- 1  v  6
3)Foresters :- 7  v  8
4)Shoulder:-  3  v  4

Semi-Final Round  Thurs 17th Nov   8-15 start 8-30 scratch. Best of Five.

1)Flying ferret:- 1  v  3
2)Underbank:-  2  v  4

Singles Knockout next round

The Draw for the 3rd round of the Singles K/O was held 20th July after the meeting at Thongsbridge Club.

1.Marsden british legion:-M Hellawell  v  T Lockwood
2.Cricketers :- D Reilly  v  R Taylor
3.Flying Ferret:- M Maude  v  C Crossland
4.Hall Bower:- S Hudson  v  L Mottram

Weds 14th september   8-15 start  8-30 scratch   Best of 3
fixture dates may be re-arranged if need be but re-arranged matches must take place before the original date.Venues can not be changed.
All results to the secretary asap.

Second Round Team Knock out Wednesday 6 July

1. Thongsbridge v Bay Horse B

2. Marsden Soc v Marsden British legion or Underbank A

3. Shoulder v Elephant

4. Allied v Hall Bower A

5. Hall Bower B v Royal Oak

6. Honley Libs v Flying Ferret

7. Bay Horse A v Victoria Park A

8. Waggon & Horses B v Beaumont Arms

Please send in your result card ASAP next round ~Wed 7th September

Singles Knockout 1st Round – 22June


1. Hall Bower:-

T.Goode                 v              D.Crosbie

J.Marston               v              A.Williams

Winners play off

2. Allied:-

R. Haigh                  v              D.Sykes

M.Poulain              v              D. Heywood

Winers play off

3. Bridge:-

R.Kellet                  v              J.Dickinson

P.Eady                    v              D.Tindall

Winners play off

4. Cricketers:-

M.Bottom              v              M.Hellawell (Allied)

D.Worrall               v              P. Jackson

Winners Play off

5. F’ing Ferret:-

S.Woods                                v              D.Ibberson

R.Clayton               v              I.Pulford

Winners play off

6. Clothiers:-

B.Dransfield          v              A.Goodwin

C.Taylor                  v              T.Ashton

Winers play off

7. Elephant:-

L.Mottram             v              M.Sharples

P.Lindley                v              B.Wood

Winners play off

8. Shoulder:-

D.Crossland           v              A.Roddy

K.Horn                    v              M.Brook

Winners Play Off

9. Royal Oak:-

C.Keogh                 v              A.Taylor

D.Sewell                 v              T.Dawson

Winners play off

10. Honley Libs:-

L.Wills                    v              M.Walsh

C.Crossland           v              J.Furness

Winners Play Off

11. Vic Park:-

K.Nicholson           v              R.Wright

M.Peace                                v              K.Thompson

Winners play off

12. Wagon:-

T.Sinclair                v              J.Shaw

J.Macdonnell        v              D.Reilly

Winners Play Off

13. Bay Horse:-

J.Lindley                 v              T.Dixon

M.Bullock              v              R.Taylor

Winners play off

14. Honley Soc:-

A.Battye                 v              R.Woodworth

C.Brook                  v              M.Maude

Winners Play Off

15. Foresters:-

P.Hopson               v              J.Shaw (Vic)

D.Millington          v              J.Lane

Winners play off

16. Swan (Marsden):-

R.Lodge                  v              M.Hellawell (Wagon)

G.James                  v              B.England

Winners play off

Byes are T.Lockwood, L.Campbell, R.Booth and M.Rollinson.

Round Two, Wednesday 13th July, 8.15pm start, 8.30pm scratch. Best of three.

1.       Hall Bower                     2. Clothiers                            3. Elephant                            4. Ferret

5              v              6              8              v              14           1              v              13           12           v              3

Winner v T.Lockwood         Winner v M.Rollinson         Winner v L.Campbell           Winner v R.Booth

5. Bay Horse                          6. Cricketers                         7. Swan (Marsden)               8. Wagon

10           v              11           7              v              15           16           v              2              9              v              4