Meeting Reminder for 8th November

Signing on night meeting on the 8th November

All teams wishing to enter must settle their outstanding bills on the night or before the end of this season to ensure they are considered for entry to the next season.

Additionally, all teams wishing to register for the next season must complete a registration form with a minimum of 6 players listed.

Anyone wishing to  be notified of their bill before the night must contact the Treasurer.

Doubles knockout Wednesday 18th October 17

1.Vic Park  K Thompson & I Booth   V  M Brook & R Haigh

2.Royal Oak. C Crossland & S Weatherby  V  M Clough & C Keogh

3.Lockwood Libs. I Donaldson & E Pearce  V M Gabanski & R Lodge

4.Golden Fleece. A Rattigan & M Berry  V  P Heady & D Tindall

5.Netherton Con. S Kingston & J Etchells  V  J Howard & D Howard

6.Monkey Club.A O’Brien & C Collins  V  D Oates & N Oates

7.Shoulder. P Shires & C Lickess  V  W Pickard & C Taylor

8. Hall Bower. B Nettleton & W Nettleton  V  S Hodgson & R Wright


matches start 8-15pm…..Best of Three….results to secretary asap please.


Third round Weds 1st Nov:- Best of Three….8-15pm start.


1.Monkey Club     2  V  5

2.Golden Fleece   4 V  3

3.Lockwood libs   7  V  6

4.Shoulder.            1  V  8


Semi-Final round..Weds 22nd Nov..8-15pm start….best of five

To be held at The Monkey Club

Draw made on the night.

Team Knockout Fixtures for 12th October 17

Third Round – Thursday 12th October

1. New Mill B   V Honley Libs                          3. Stumble                   V Royal Oak B

2. Hall Bower A V 3(White Hart A or Honley Soc or Vic Park B)

4. Hall Bower B           V Flying Ferret

Urgent contact required

underbank b v postcard this week – cancelled by Underbank b

can the postcard please contact Underbank b to rearrange


stumble – can Malcolm France or whoever is the captain / contact please contact Victoria park today.  A rearranged match is expected but Vic park want confirmation


thank you

Singles fixtures

Singles K/O fixtures
First round…best of three.
8-15 start …8-30 scratch
all players to be present by 8-30
results in to secretary asap

1.Honley Libs
T Lockwood V M Brook.
D Howard V C Crossland.
winners play off

R Wimpenny V C Brook.
I Donaldson V P Heady.
Winners play off

3.Vic park
D Tindall V C Taylor.
S Hodgson V M Fisher.
winners play off

C Moon V K Thompson.
C Lickess V N Oakes
Winners play off

5.Hall Bower.
M Hellewell v W Pickard
E Pearce V B Nettleton.
winners play off

6.White Hart.
P Wilson V N Gray
B England V R Lodge.
Winners play off

7.Monkey Club
W Nettleton V J Etchells
R Coward V N Bass woodcock
winners play off.

8.Netherton Cons.
J Howard V D Haywood
D Barrow V S Kingston.
winners play off

Knockout entries – urgent deadline today

The Deadline for entering this season’s Singles Knockout is tonight.

Entry is FREE……i.e. it costs you nothing to get knocked out ????

All the early rounds are held on a ‘best of three’ format…anybody can win it!!


First round is Weds 6th Sept

entries in by midnight tonight please….no late entries accepted.

entries can be made by phone,text,email or facebook message.

Tel 07950938722… -…..facebook – holme valley pool league.

A suggestion put forward by a New Mill B Player that the Draw should be filmed live “to make it more interesting and add to the razzmatazz”(???) has been accepted  and if that player would like to get in touch for information re’ the date, he is certainly welcome to attend the draw,film it and post it for viewing .