Doubles fixtures – Round One Wednesday 27th July 16

Sorry for the delay in publishing these fixtures – I have hung on for as long as possible waiting to get entries from people.

First Round    WEDNESDAY  27th JULY        8-15start 8-30 Scratch   BEST OF THREE

1) White Hart. L Booth & O Bottomley    v    Bye
2)Monkey Club.D Rushworth & R Goddard  v  G Shaw & L Hooper
3)Honley Soc. J Marsh & S Brook  v  Bye
4)Royal Oak. N Roebuck & R Lodge  v  M Clough & C Keogh(jnr)
5) Crown. S Weatherby & C Crossland  v  D Armitage & J Armitage
6)Hall Bower. M Berry & A Rattigan  v  R Wright & S Hodgson
7)Honley Libs.M Brook & R Haigh  v  D Howard & J Howard
8) Shoulder. D Mawhinney & D Short  v   Bye
9)Netherton Con. D Sykes & D Crosland  v  S Kingston & J Etchells
10)Farnley BC. W Nettleton & B Nettleton  v S Taylor & L Kershaw
11)Golden Fleece. A O’Brien & T O’ Brien  v  T McGrath & J Mallinson
12) Beaumonts. D Oakes & N Oakes  v  Bye
13) Crosland Moor wmc. R Tice & T Sayles  v  C Moon &  D Smith
14)Elephant. P Lindley & J Lindley  v  J Pedelty & N Whiteley
15)Waggon. P Heady & D Tindall  v C Smith  &  T Wheeler
16) Vic Park. C Taylor & W Pickard  v  Bye

Results to the Secretary as soon as possible please.

Singles Knockout Fixtures Round One Wednesday 21st July 16

Singles K/O first round   WEDS 21st JULY…..BEST OF THREE…8-15 start 8-30 scratch. all players to be present by 8-30.

1) Hall Bower                                                           2)Crosland Moor
R Wright  v  S Taylor                                                    T Lockwood  v  J Armitage
Winner   v   A Whiteley                                               Winner         v  C Moon

3) Honley Soc                                                           4) Waggon
M Clough  v  L Booth                                                M Hellawell  v  M Fisher
Winner      v   A Rattigan                                            Winner       v    Bye

5) Golden Fleece                                                      6)Farnley Bowling
S Kingston  v  S Hirst                                                J Howard  v  D Oakes
Winner       v  T O’Brien                                            Winner     v  W Pickard

7)Elephant                                                                8)Royal Oak
P Lindley  v  C Taylor                                                 D Howard  v  J Pedalty
Winner   v   M Berry                                                  Winner  v   D Haywoo

9)Monkey Club                                                          10)Honley Libs
N Oakes  v  C Brook                                                     R Lodge  v  D Armitage
Winner  V  A O’Briwn                                                  Winner  v  D Day

11)Vic Park                                                                 12)White Hart
P Heady  v  T Mc’Grath                                                 M Brook  v  D Sykes
Winner  v  R Wimpenny                                               Winner  v   G Haynes

13)Netherton Con                                                      14) Shoulder
J Etchells  v  N Whiteley                                             D Rushworth  v  J Mallinson
Winner  v  W Nettleton                                               Winner      v   K Marriott

15)Cricketers                                                               16)Crown
D Tindall  v  D Smith                                                   C Keogh jun’r  v   S Weatherby
Winner   v  J Marsh                                                         Winner      v   G Garside