Singles knockout fixtures

Singles K/O’s

last nights results.

Section 3 N Redfearn bt D Barrow.
R Haigh bt J Burton (no-show)

Section 2 R Booth bt S Kingston.
D Haywood bt M Blair.
P Halstead bt R Wright.
A Marriott bt J Etchells.

Section 1 D Day bt C Brook.
N Siddall bt N Oakes.

Many thanks to K Horn and R Haigh for reffing the semi-finals.

Meeting 20th March 19

The next meeting is signing on night and is at 7pm at Underbank Club

Please ensure you bring your completed registration sheets to this meeting

All outstanding balances must be settled prior to any acceptance is confirmed into the league for the following season

Team Knockout results so far

Team Knockout results so far

Third Round – Thursday 7th March 2019


1. Hall Bower      V Beaumonts      3. Monkey Club  V New Mill A

2. Underbank B  V Shoulder         4. Elephant                V Grove or Jackson bridge


Semi Final – Thursday 28th March 2019


  1. 4          V Shoulder         2. Beaumont arms      V Monkey Club


Final To Be Arranged

Singles knockout results

Singles k/o tonight;s winners:-

Section 1 Semi-final on Weds 13th March.
Monkey Club Neil Siddall. Darren Day.
Royal Oak. Charlie Brook. ???

Section 2. Next round on Weds 13th March.
Netherton. A Marriott.
Hall Bower. P Halstead.
Waggon. S Kingston.
Shoulder. R Booth.

Section 3. Semi Final on Weds 13th March.
Elephant. J Burton.
Golden Fleece. D Barrow.
Postcard. R Haigh.
Honley Cons. N Redfearn.

Thank you all for turning up tonight, thank you for being so prompt with your results. Thank you to those who rang/informed re’ absence in advance – much appreciated.

Sections 1 & 3 – tonights winners go straight to semi-finals
Section 2 – tonights winners go into another round which will include the four players who got a bye in the first round….J Etchells, D Heywood, R Wright & M Blair.

Singles knockout fixtures round 1 Wednesday 13th February


First Round Weds 13th Feb
8-15 start 8-30 scratch….all players to be there by 8-30
best of three.
These matches should not take all night – please use the handbook and observe the 1-minute rule
results to the secretary asap please


1.Royal Oak D Howard v N Oates.
D Oates v C Brook.

2. Monkey Club M Oates v M Gabanski.
D Day v K Horn.

SECTION 2. 8-15 start 8-30 scratch…all players to be there by 8-30

1.Hall Bower a) K Marriott v P Halstead.
b) R Lodge v R Wimpenny.
winners play off – A V B

2. Netherton. a) A Whiting. v A Marriott.
b) F Rochester. v J Mallinson.
Winners play off- A V B

3.Waggon. a) M Fisher v R Gilpin.
b) J Nelson. v S Kingston.
Winners play off A V B

4.Shoulder. a) C Lickess. v P Heady.
b) I Pulford. v R Booth.
Winners play off A V B

Section 3 8-15 start 8-30 scratch- all players to be there by 8-30

1. Elephant a) K Sanders v J Lindley.
b) T Craggs v J Burton.
Winners play off A V B

2.Golden Fleece a) I Alexis v R Comins.
b) D Barrow v A Rattigan.
Winners play off A V B

3.Postcard. a) A Million v A Horn.
b) R Haigh v L Ainley.
Winners play off A V B

4. Honley Cons. a) T Howard v N Redfearn.
b) J collier Marshall v A Stor.
Winners play off A V B

Please send results in to the secretary asap thank you.

Semi finals – Weds 13th March.
Best of 5
Draw to be made on the night.

Doubles knockouts round 1 Wednesday 6th February


First Round -Weds 6th Feb
8-15 start 8-30 scratch
Best of Three
Results to the Secretary asap please.

1 Shoulder. C Brook & D Howard v K Marriott & A Marriott.
winner v J Burton & D Barrow.

2.Netherton . G Shaw & N Siddall v R Gilpin & F Rochester.
winner v A Hirst & P Heady.

3.Monkey.N Oakes & M Oakes v I Pulford & P Halstead.
Winner V K Sanders & N Redfearn.

4.Postcard. R Wright & D Heywood v A Million & L Wallace
Winner v A Horn & E Carr.

5.Vic Park. R Wimpenny & A Whiting v K Horn & D Day.

6.Honley Con. R Lodge & MGabanski v J Wilson & T Howard

7.Elephant. M Blair & C Lickess v S Kingston & J Mallinson.

8.Waggon. A Stor. & K Hinchliffe v L Oldham & M Oldham.

Second Round Weds 20th Feb
8-15 start 8-30 scratch
Best of Three.

1. Netherton Cons. 3 V 5
2.Postcard 1 V 4
3.Monkey. 8 V 6
4 Waggon 7 V 2

Third Round Weds 20th.
Best of 5
Venue to be confirmed
Draw made on the night

Team knockout 7/03/19

TEAM K/O third round
Thursday 7th March.

1.Hall Bower V Beaumont Arms.
2.Underbank B V Shoulder.
3.Monkey Club V White Hart /New Mill A..not sure if last nights match is over yet……result to be confirmed
4.Elephant V Grove.

Thank you.

Presentation night 25th January

This Friday….PRESENTATION NIGHT at NETHERTON CON CLUB   Live Band,Supper,Beer,Raffle….please attend and please donate raffle prize……Thank You.
Singles K/O…..Weds 13th Feb
                         Weds  13th March
Doubles K/O…..Weds 6th Feb
                                       20th Feb
                                       20th March