Team Knockout fixtures round 3 7th March

Third Round – Thursday 7th March 2019


1. Hall Bower      V Beaumonts      3. Monkey Club  V New Mill A

2. Underbank B  V Shoulder         4. Elephant                V Grove or Jackson bridge


Semi Final – Thursday 28th March 2019


  1. 4          V      2                      2. 1           V      3


Final To Be Arranged

Meetings update

Please note new start time    7-00pm at Underbank Club
Please take this opportunity to come along and pay your registration fees,enter singles and doubles k/os etc etc
Presentation Night    FRIDAY  25th Jan at Netherton Con Club.  8-’ish till late   Band,supper etc.
Everybody welcome – Players,Guests,Stewards/esses,landlords/ladies
Please bring raffle prizes
Thank You,

Knockouts – singles and doubles

Singles Knockout Winter 18/19

This will follow the same format as last season.

Section 1 singles k/o
Section 2 singles k/o
Section 3 singles k/o

The first round will be a ‘Best of Three’

Entries required now please.
These may be submitted by reply to this post,email or text To Martin

Doubles Knockout entries are also required
Pairings consisting of players from different teams/sections are allowed.