Thanks and stay safe and strong

Players please show your/our support and gratitude please forward this message to your Home Venue…Thanks….

The Pool League Committee wish to thank,on behalf of all the players in the pool league, all the Landladies and Landlords, Stewards and Stewardesses,Club Committees and their teams of Bar Staff for the absolutely vital support that they have given the Committee and the Pool League ever since day one.Without the help of all these people – providing a venue,paying players fees,supplying suppers,encouraging players,hosting Pool Meetings,Presentation Nights, etc …We could not have had a Pool League.That vital support will not be forgotten – and when this is all over – We Will Be Back.

Our sincere best wishes for the future – and grateful thanks to you from all of us.

Important message regarding remaining games in winter 19 season

Playing in the HVPL is,always has been and always will remain purely voluntary and by personal choice. Nobody should feel at any time that they are being pressured into playing.If any person or team should feel that for whatever reason they would prefer not to play then that opinion will be respected.

In response to queries regarding this season’s remaining League fixtures :- The Fixtures remaining are The Team K/O semis and Final,individual k/o’s… and there is also one League match left to play.The Committee have decided that at present( and provided that venues remain available) these remaining fixtures will stand as is.

Any team or player who wishes for whatever reason(s) to opt out from playing in these matches is quite entitled to do so. If your team does wish to withdraw from any of these fixtures can you please let the Secretary know.

In the event of national government ordering the closing of pubs/venues before the end of this season The Committee has decided that the Winners and Runners up will be deemed to be the two teams in those positions at that time.

Thank you and please all stay safe and well.

The Committee.

doubles knockouts Wednesday 4/3/20


Best of 3 frames


1) Shoulder A Storr & C Smith V D Day & K Horn.

2) Elephant. J Burton & D Barrow V P Halstead &C Lickess.

3) Netherton. S Kingston & R Gilpin V R Steel & J Morrison.

4) Honley Cons. B Mould & N Redfearn V A Horn & E Carr.


Semi Finals Weds 25th March -Best of 5 Frames

at Golden Fleece….Draw to be made on the night.

doubles results

Results of first round Doubles Knockout….


1) J Burton & D Barrow.

2) R Steel & J Morrison.- through by default

3) A Stor & C Smith.

4) P Halstead & C Lickess.

5) S Kingston & R Gilpin.- through by default

6) A Horn & E Carr – through by default

7) K Horn & D Day -through by default

8) B Moulds & N Redfearn.

Doubles knockouts


First Round Weds 12th Feb Best of 3

8-15start 8-30 scratch

1.Monkey. D Barrow & J Burton V N Oakes & M Oakes.

2.Shoulder. J Poulain & C Brook V R Steel & J Morrison.

3.Honley Con. S Stor & C Smith V A Million & D Petty.

4.Postcard. S Lea & R Lindley V P Halstead & C Lickess.

5.Neth’ton R Lodge & M Gabanski V S Kingston & R Gilpin

6.Stumble. I Alexis & P Burrell V A Horn & E Carr.

7.G’den Fleece. K Horn & D Day V T Howard & J Wilson.

8.Elephant. B Moulds & N Redfearn V D Haywood & R Wright.

Singles knockout fixtures section 3


First round Weds 5th Feb…..Best of 3 frames

8-15 start 8-30 scratch. Winners do NOT play off therefore 8 players go through to the Second round.

1.Stumble a) E Smith V J Wilson.

b)S Lea V T Howard.

2. Elephant. a) C Lickess. V R Lindley.

b)A Stor. V J Mc’Dermott.

3.Shoulder. a) R Steel V A Horn.

b) C Brook V E Carr.

4.Golden Fleece. a) M Berry V L Coates.

b) I Alexis. V T Lee.

Second round Weds 19th Feb…Best of 3

8-15 start 8-30 scratch

1. Stumble 3b V 1a

2. Honley Con. 2b V 4a

3 Shoulder. 2a V 1b

4.Golden Fleece 4b V 3a

Semi-final Weds 18th March. Best of 5 frames.

Draw to be made on the night.

Singles knockout fixtures section 2

Singles K/O Section 2

First round – Weds 5th Feb – Best of 3 frames

Each venue plays down to one winner therefore four players go through to the semi-final.

8-15 start 8-30 scratch.

please note that the start time might be a little later at Hall Bower.

1.Netherton . S Kingston V J Collier Marshall

winner V R Gilpin.

2.Postcard. K R Booth V B Moulds

Winner V A Million.

3.New Mill wmc T Jagger V R Lodge.

winner V D Petty.

4. Hall Bower D Barrow V N Redfearn.

Winner V D Haywood.

Semi-final round Weds 19th Feb – best of 5 frames.

Draw to be made on the night.

Singles knockout fixtures section 1


First round – Weds 5th Feb….Best of 3 frames

8-15 start 8-30 scratch winners do NOT play off therefore four players go through to the semi-finals.


1) Waggon. 1) K Marriott V R Wimpenny.

2) Waggon 2) A Marriott V N Oakes.

3) Monkey 3) N Siddall V M Fisher.

4) Monkey 4) L Blagbrough V M Hellewell.

Semi -final – Weds 19th Feb….best of 5 frames

8-15 start 8-30 scratch

Monkey club…..Draw will be made on the night