Singles knockout fixtures section 3


First round Weds 5th Feb…..Best of 3 frames

8-15 start 8-30 scratch. Winners do NOT play off therefore 8 players go through to the Second round.

1.Stumble a) E Smith V J Wilson.

b)S Lea V T Howard.

2. Elephant. a) C Lickess. V R Lindley.

b)A Stor. V J Mc’Dermott.

3.Shoulder. a) R Steel V A Horn.

b) C Brook V E Carr.

4.Golden Fleece. a) M Berry V L Coates.

b) I Alexis. V T Lee.

Second round Weds 19th Feb…Best of 3

8-15 start 8-30 scratch

1. Stumble 3b V 1a

2. Honley Con. 2b V 4a

3 Shoulder. 2a V 1b

4.Golden Fleece 4b V 3a

Semi-final Weds 18th March. Best of 5 frames.

Draw to be made on the night.

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