Doubles knockouts


First Round Weds 12th Feb Best of 3

8-15start 8-30 scratch

1.Monkey. D Barrow & J Burton V N Oakes & M Oakes.

2.Shoulder. J Poulain & C Brook V R Steel & J Morrison.

3.Honley Con. S Stor & C Smith V A Million & D Petty.

4.Postcard. S Lea & R Lindley V P Halstead & C Lickess.

5.Neth’ton R Lodge & M Gabanski V S Kingston & R Gilpin

6.Stumble. I Alexis & P Burrell V A Horn & E Carr.

7.G’den Fleece. K Horn & D Day V T Howard & J Wilson.

8.Elephant. B Moulds & N Redfearn V D Haywood & R Wright.

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