Doubles knockout Wednesday 18th October 17

1.Vic Park  K Thompson & I Booth   V  M Brook & R Haigh

2.Royal Oak. C Crossland & S Weatherby  V  M Clough & C Keogh

3.Lockwood Libs. I Donaldson & E Pearce  V M Gabanski & R Lodge

4.Golden Fleece. A Rattigan & M Berry  V  P Heady & D Tindall

5.Netherton Con. S Kingston & J Etchells  V  J Howard & D Howard

6.Monkey Club.A O’Brien & C Collins  V  D Oates & N Oates

7.Shoulder. P Shires & C Lickess  V  W Pickard & C Taylor

8. Hall Bower. B Nettleton & W Nettleton  V  S Hodgson & R Wright


matches start 8-15pm…..Best of Three….results to secretary asap please.


Third round Weds 1st Nov:- Best of Three….8-15pm start.


1.Monkey Club     2  V  5

2.Golden Fleece   4 V  3

3.Lockwood libs   7  V  6

4.Shoulder.            1  V  8


Semi-Final round..Weds 22nd Nov..8-15pm start….best of five

To be held at The Monkey Club

Draw made on the night.

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