Presentation night 1st February 2018

Presentation Night at Honley Socialist Club.
Live Band…..” Wired”
Free Supper…..could be owt.
Late’ish bar
Raffle – please donate prizes.
NB – teams wishing to collect trophies must be represented on the night by at least four team members – no trophies will be awarded to teams turning up with less than four.
This social event is for all teams,players,landlords/ladies,stewards,their guests etc etc….it’s for everybody no matter whether you’re a winner or not. It would be nice to continue having the good attendance that we’ve come to expect. It’s a night to enjoy the company of other teams and appreciate the efforts of everybody that makes this League what it is. It is always/usually/sometimes/ a good night and there may be a little gentle mickey-taking and some light-hearted sarcasm from the bloke with the microphone. I apologise in advance for any insult or offence that may inadvertently be given.

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