Singles and doubles knockouts

Singles & Doubles K/Os

As discussed at the last meeting – to encourage larger numbers to enter the knockouts the league is trialling a new format for the Singles K/O.
The new format for the Singles K/O consists of players from each Section being drawn to play opponents from the same Section – ie section 1 players will only be drawn to play against other section 1 players….Section 2 players against Section 2 players….Section 3 players against Section 3 players. This will result in a Champion and Runner up from each Section. Each of these players will receive trophies. These players will then be entered in a ‘Champion of champions’ draw to play down to a League champion.Entries are now invited . There is an entry fee of £3 per player.Entries can be submitted by email,facebook message or text to either myself or Katrina.
The usual order of play – best of 3 – in the early rounds will continue as is.
The K/O dates are as stated in the handbook.
Please note that teams who do not enter players in the Knockouts cannot expect their venue to be included.
Please get your entries in now….thank you.
Doubles K/O – the format for the doubles remains as it is. Pairings may consist of players from any teams provided that both players are registered.

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